MoonRat Foundation

Embrace MoonRat Adoption

The MoonRat Foundation's purpose is to find ways to expand the MoonRat adoption.

Together we build the future with MoonRat

Use SMRAT as a payment method

So the most important milestone we want to achieve is to use SMRAT as a primary payment option.

Reward Contribution

We want to build DApps that can share their revenue and contribute to the reward pool (in BNB).

Marketing, Statistics , and Education

We build projects to help raise awareness of SMRAT and educate our newcomers, which helps them understand what, why, and how they should own SMRAT.

Defi Use Cases

We are truly bringing the most innovative things to the #DeFi table: earning while holding tokens.


How to join us?

All team and individuals are welcome to the MoonRat Foundation

To join us, please send an email with your proposal to

We will review it as soon as possible!

We Take Pride in Current Projects


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